About Us

SASHITA was formed in 2008 in Edinburgh, Scotland by Maggie Mazoleka. Maggie was educated and has been living and working in Scotland since 1992. The charity is run by a committee of men and women from a variety of backgrounds, all interested in helping impoverished rural communities in Tanzania and in particular in Samuye village. Samuye is in the Shinyanga region, which is located in the north west of the country, where Maggie was born.

Our vision

Poverty eradication in the rural areas, meeting the needs of the local community in Samuye Village, setting up similar programmes in the Shinyanga rural District and possibly other rural areas of Tanzania.

Our mission

SASHITA is committed to eradicating poverty and empowering communities in the rural areas of Tanzania. Particularly women and young people in taking more actions to eliminate poverty in their families and societies so as to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Our core values

SASHITA is dedicated to ending poverty in rural areas of Tanzania, through helping poor communities to help themselves in investing in their own success.  We believe in:

  • – commitment to empowering communities in rural areas
  • – listening and learning from the people we work with
  • – the value of innovation and social enterprise activities
  • – our ability to make a significant difference to people’s lives
  • – teamwork spirit
  • – having accountability and transparency
  • – social partnership
  • – promoting gender equality and empowering women and young people.